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  1. Pixels are bought in blocks of 100 pixels (10x10), and then arranged on a clickable image map with the advertiser's link. New!
  2. INSTRUCTIONS: Select your desired ad coordinates on the map. Process your payment through PayPal ($100 for 10x10). Create your pixel ad and send it as an attachment to: In your email, you must provide the full URL to which the ad should link.( In your email you should provide an ALT text (mouse over title) you want to appear(i.e.Expert Consultant). Ads will be posted for a minimum of five(5) years starting 01/01/2009 Rules porno, foul language, links to illegal content, etc. Once you've placed your order: Email your pixel ad artwork to: Include a short message for the ALT text mouse-over for your advertisement. Be sure to include the URL you wish to link. A single pixel is about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. To design your pixel ad, simply create a graphic of your choice with a 10 x 10 pixel dimension. If you are creating an ad for multiple 10 x 10 block spaces, then simply create the ad for the dimensions you have purchased. Example If you purchased a 4 block square then design your ad for 20 x 20 pixels. When you're ready to email your ad, you can send the full size ad or cut it into 10 x 10 sections, which ever you like. Email your pixel ad artwork to: Pixel Ads place an image and link to your website and get more clicks and visitors for it.
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